New PC models with simplest possible setup

Modularity is taking shape as the next phase of computing. Acer has announced a modular style of PC with customers getting to build up the device and system in a very simple manner. Consumers would need to build up the system by assembling the units that suit their requirement.



This is a trend that makes it unnecessary to open up a PC and do the assembling of the required components inside. As and when a requirement arises such as an audio feature or additional storage, it is just a matter of fitting them over the base structure which comes with the standard functionality.

Connectivity between the blocks is not through wiring but is done by magnetic methodology. A portable hard drive is also made available. Charging is made possible without wires with a wireless power bank being one of the blocks. Other blocks include one for audio functionality. These blocks can be put to use separate from the PC system or with other systems. It is just a matter of switching them around without the slightest hassle.

The base unit comes in a size of 125 x 125 millimeters. It will contain a Pentium processor, either a Pentium or a Celeron. It also comes with Intel HD Graphics. The inbuilt RAM of 8 GB DDR can be ramped up with the easiest of maneuvers. All that you would need to do is unscrew the unit.

With the advent of modular technology, the job of utilizing computers is changed altogether as the need of opening a system is put away for good.

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