New Facebook Fundraiser Tool and Donate Button

Facebook has improved the donate button and also adds new Facebook fundraiser tools to the site. These featuers are for non profit organizations to reach new supporters and enage their community. This will also help them to get valuable funding from their respected supporters to keep continuing their good social work. The main advantage of the Facebook fundraiser tool is it helps organizations to conduct virtual campaign and raise money directly from the site.

Just because of adding a Donate button to the page doesn’t make it a constant place to get donations. However these will help supporters to help donate through their News Feed. This new iteration of the button concept was launched helping supporters to make on site payment . This is one of the major step Facebook Fundraiser team has taken to help people who further helps the needs worldwide. With the catastrophies and terrorists attacks worldwide, millions ofpeople are suffering who needs real help. Organizations helping these affected people can conduct virtual campaigns on the site and receive donations through the site itself.

Apart from the Facebook fundraiser, the company is also expanding its Donate button. The launch is expected to pull in lot more non profit organizations to conduct virtual campaigns through the site. Users can remain in the same window or page they are viewing without being redirected to another page while using the donate button. Within hours of the launch of the new feature several non profit organizations were able to make sure of the feature. Facebook says “when people take actions, lives are changed”. As of now the feature is available in the US however by next year the feature will be open to other countries as well.

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