What you missed from the E3 2016 Event.

This is year’s E3 2016 Event had amazing performances from the top investors in the Virtual Reality Technology. This year’s E3 2016 event showed the whole worked the direction in which the Virtual Reality technology is heading to. This year’s event was engrossed with the top investors in Virtual Reality technology and also developers. At the moment, we have got a high number of headsets and over 100 VR games thanks to the E3 2016 Event. If you missed out on this year’s E3 2016 Event then here is the full report of what occurred.

What you missed from the E3 2016 Event.


Microsoft and Nintendo won the event show with the amazing expectations that were announced. Nintendo who are the top game developers pledged to support the VR technology by creating more VR content and unveiling them to the market. Microsoft Corp, on the other hand, announced that it will be releasing the latest Xbox by late 2017. The SteamVR Also announced that it will be supporting Oculus Touch. This did not bring a nice picture since most of the consumers for the Oculus Touch Controller jabbed against this move. SteamVR might come to the Oculus Touch Controllers by the end of 2016.
More fantastic games were also released during this event. PlayStation VR also carried the day with their latest VR game content though Oculus and Vive were also not left out with their latest release into the market. Star Trek is one of the exciting action games that will be coming on the VR platform i.e. on PlayStation V, Oculus Touch and HTC Vive.

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