Microsoft Unveiled Surface Book, Surface Pro4, Lumia 950 Series and Fitness Band

Microsoft unveiled a couple of cool products on Tuesday (October 6, 2015) including its first of its kind Surface Book convertible laptop. Although the announcements leaked days prior to the event, there were quite a lot of surprises at the event. Let’s look at each of the product that was unveiled at the big event.

Surface Pro4:

Surface Pro3 was a hybrid tablet and was a huge hit in its own terms. With high expectations on the Surface Pro4, Microsoft will satisfy it consumers with the new Surface Pro4. It has a bigger screen of 12.3-inch display at 267 pixels per inch than its predecessor which had 12-inch display. The tablet has Gorilla Glass 4 protection and a battery that is rated to last a year without any problems. Main addition to the Surface Pro4 is the PixelSense technology. It supports a stylus with 1024 levels of pressure which is termed best in class parallax compensation and pal detection.

Surface Pro4

Surface Pro4 – Source:

It has facial recognition, finger print sensor, glass multilevel touch pad, island style keys on keyboard and introduces G5 chipset with real ink-like operation. Here are few more specifications of the new Surface Pro4

  • 16GB RAM
  • 1TB Storage
  • 8-Megapixel Camera
  • Four-3.0 Ports
  • 30% Faster than earlier version
  • Two 4K DisplayPort
  • Ethernet accessibility

Although the official pricing is not revealed yet, it might start at $900.

Surface Book:

The Surface Book comes with an attached back-lit keys keyboard and has a 13.5-inch display with 6-Megapoxel at 267 pixel per inch. It also comes with the PixelSense technology.  It has 12 hours battery life, comes with the nVidia GeForce for graphics and Microsoft claims it’s more for gamers, developers, designer as its faster MacBook Pro. The attached keyboard is made with the Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge technology that flips pops and folds down when needed.

Surface Book

Surface Book – Source:

It has a 3:2 ratio, weighs 1.6 pounds and has an Intel Core i7 current-generation processor.  Although official pricing is not revealed yet, it might cost around $1,499.

Lumia Phones:

Microsoft revealed two Lumia phones: the phones will dual antennas, they use liquid cooling, triple LED RGB flash, optical image stabilization and have ability to auto upload videos to cloud. HDMI Connectors, three USB and Type C input for quick charging, etc. The phones will be available from November and with usual Microsoft Apps.

  1. Lumia 950: 2-inch at 564 pixels per inch Lumia 950 with HD OELD Display (1,440×2, 560), Qi Wireless Charging, USB Type-C Charging, 3GB memory with 32GB Storage, glance screen technology and comes with a six-core Snapdragon 808 processor. Pricing will be at $550.


Lumia 950

Lumia 950 – Source:

  1. Lumia 950XL: 7-inch at 564 pixels per inch Lumia 950XL has similar features of the Lumia 950 but uses an eight-core Snapdragon 810 processor. Pricing will be at $650.


Lumia 950XL

Lumia 950XL – Source:

Fitness Band:

Microsoft went with unchanged name for their latest Microsoft Fitness band however it comes with several redesigns and updates. It comes with wider and more curved OLED screen with Gorilla Glass 3. Even Cortana has been improved. With the new band you can track elevation, with its eleventh sensor. With a lot of features it is priced at $249.


Fitness Band – Source:

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