Meta Releases An Outstanding Reality Headsets At Ted In Vancouver.

TED is one of the events that is attended by most of the technological geek was filled with one of the perfect atmosphere when Meta a company based in Redwood City released one of the latest AR glasses. The Meta Company CEO Gribetz demonstrated the Reality headsets which he named it Meta 2. He did it marvelously by projecting an image of a brain in a 3D hologram. This is was one of the ecstatic demonstrations that were done during the event and the presentation.

Meta Releases An Outstanding Reality Headsets At Ted In Vancouver

The meta 2 reality headset provide one of the unique and natural ways of interacting with each other since it gets rid of the external monitors. It has been quite hectic gluing on the monitor; that is why a lot of people embrace this technology. The Meta 2 Virtual Reality will be going at an average price of $ 949 on the online stores and any other technological store all over the world.
The main difference between the Meta 1 VR headset and the Meta 2 VR headset is that the latter comes with a more improved display technology. It has got a resolution of 2560 x 1440 which renders a 90-degree diagonal field view. The display also provides a sharp AR imaging which is very bright.

This spec makes it be one of the best VR glasses to use during the night mode. This display is more compatible to the display of almost all smartphones especially those having the latest Android version i.e. the Android marshmallow. The display of any VR glass is one of the major components in the VR glass headsets; that  is why the Meta VR Company has tried their level best in ensuring that this is accomplished. The above specs are what makes it be not only an outstanding Virtual Reality headsets but also one of the augmented headsets at the moment.

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