Mercedes Unveils the Latest Modular Platform for Electric Cars.

The recent escalating levels of technology are placing the most automotive industries investing in the electric car technology on toes. This is evident on the rate at which this company are working on their latest model. For the Mercedes Company to remain on top of the game of electric cars, they have to work out on the technological innovations in Electric Car. This is seen in their latest work i.e. the Modular Platform for Electric Cars that was being released this week in a tech briefing at Stuttgart. The Modular Platform for Electric Cars is dubbed as the Multi-model vehicle architecture has got latest updates and features such as maximum interior space with a low centre of gravity so as to facilitate the all-wheel drive electric cars that the company is working on.

Mercedes Unveils the Latest Modular Platform for Electric Cars.

This latest platform is expected to be equipped on the latest Electrical cars that the corporation is working on. This includes the two sedans and two SUVs. The SUVs being developed will be Sporty SUVs, and this platform is quite optimal for this purpose. The design and technology behind this latest Modular Platform for Electrical is also what the Tesla Motors company have designed the Tesla Model S Electric Car. This provides no doubt that the platform is fantastic for the feature of electric vehicles.

The latest electric cars that are thought to be equipped with this latest Modular Platform for the electric car are expected to be released by 2020. They are also considered to be powered by lithium-ion battery that can cover approximately 300 miles per a single charge

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