Mercedes Latest Threat to Tesla with Four Electric Cars

Mercedes is the latest company to challenge Tesla with new four electric cars. German automakers are taking electric vehicles very seriously after the Volkswagen diesel emission scandal. It’s clear almost every German manufacture has begun working on their electric cars which will be a real threat to the top listed Tesla.



Mercedes subsidiary company, Daimler AG is planning to develop four elegant, exotic electric cars which would hit markets in 2018. However, the release date was revealed to be in 2019 but company will roll out their EV’s in 2018, a year prior to its official release date.

 The project has been kept secret to stun audience worldwide. The company is expected to develop SUV’s or luxury electric limousine. There were news on electric SUV’s in 2015 but an electric limousine will be first of its kind.  Tesla is considered to be the leader of innovations in electric car market and will face tough competition in the next couple of years.

The first car will be a sedan to compete with Tesla Model S followed by the second car which will be a SUV to compete with Tesla’s Model X. All the four cars will feature either rear or four wheel drive. With the four wheel drive, Mercedes is to match Tesla’s auto-motor performance versions.

 Mercedes is planning to launch electric cars with a drive range of above 310 miles. Volkswagen’s Porsche will have their Mission E with similar drive range features.  The expected price of Mercedes electric car will be around $140,000 and 20,000 cars will be sold.

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