Luxurious Tesla Model X Revealed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk

The fastest, safest and capable sport utility electric car ever made. A seven seater car with adequate space for gears as well.  It is equipped with a 90 kWh battery that gives you up to 250 miles range limit. It is also a 4 – wheel drive car. The car is very powerful and can reach 0-60 within 3.8 seconds.

Safety and Features of Tesla Model X

Safety has been made the first priority in Model X.  The chances of rollover have been greatly minimized by mounting the battery on the base to ensure that the center of gravity is lowered. The front part of Model X absorbs impact to the maximum because there is no gasoline tank.

There is a medical grade HEPA filter which gets rid of bacterial, pollution and viruses before getting to circulate in the cabin. The occupants of the car are protected synching to bioweapon defense mode, circulate air outside or re- circulate inside air mode.

  • Rear doors have in-built sensors that can be opened in garages of varied heights. It has falcon-wings rear doors that also let people get in easily.
  • It has navigating and maps features for updates on real time traffic situation.
  • The lifetime of the battery is 8 straight years. This comes with a drive unit warranty.
  • There is a home link GPS for easy routing. Emergency breaking has never been better because Model X gives you automatic braking system.
  • Each passenger raw has a child seat latch which allows you to travel with your whole family including your young child safely.
  • It has blind spot, parking censors and also warnings on potential collision.

Tesla Model X has been the long awaited luxurious electric SUV, and here it is with a futuristic design and safety features for your happy rides.

Visit official web page of Tesla Motors to order yours.


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