LG G5 US Launch in Early April with Free Extra Battery and Charging Cradle

LG G5 Canada release date is announced officially. The company also confirmed the LG G5 will be released in the US in early April.  LG and Samsung revealed their best and greatest handsets at the Mobile World Congress last month.


Source: www.androidauthority.com

The official release date of the LG G5 in the United States is not revealed by the company but with its launch dates in Canada being officially announced as on April 8, there are speculations that major carriers in the United States might release the GD on the same day as well.

The company hasn’t confirmed the release date in the United States, all it revealed was it will be available from early April.

This makes it clear within a couple of weeks the LG G5 will be available in the United States. There are several practical innovations implemented in the phone and consumers and media are equally excited to have their hands on the phone. The kind of rave response the company is already receiving from media and public are clear indications that smart phones are indeed exciting and it’s obvious that the new G5 is worth waiting for.

The Smartphone will be available with all the major carriers such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, U.S Cellular, B&H, T-Mobile, etc. as revealed by the company sources. For a limited period, customers who order the LG G5 will also receive an additional battery and charging cradle along with their purchase. It is a limited period offering with purchases.

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