Leaked Snapshots Reveal Apple Music for Android app

It’s true we will see the new version of Apple Music for Android app. With the leaked screenshots making round on the internet it has clearly indicated about the tech giant will launch its Apple Music for Android. It was revealed earlier in the year, android uses will also be able to enjoy Apple music through an app available in Google play store. After launching Apple, the company revealed it would make an Android version of Apple music. This would be the second android app created by Apple, earlier it had created an app for Android users who wanted to switch from Android phones to iPhones.

There have been several reports of Android users started downloading the app. A couple of snapshots of Apple Music for Android app were leaked by the German website, Mobile Geeks. The snapshots shows  a couple of features such as New, Beats 1 radio, For You recommendations, connect and My Music. The screenshot also shows that Apple will allow the app users to control the space allocated for it use to ensure the app doesn’t use too much space on the devices. Though there were new features in the app, it also has most of the iOS version features as well.

The main difference of the price package will be the users of iOS version gets a 3-month trial period to check and know the app however it is not available on the Android version. The monthly subscription fees are 9.99 per month and $14.99 for a month for a family up to 6 members.

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