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We have all been here – it’s no mystery. Shopping for our loved ones last minute. Yes, yes, shame on us. But you know what? God bless the internet! The online shopping world and the magnificent e-commerce sites that are at our disposal these days are making this matter a matter of history. Today, all we need is a couple of clicks and a couple of tricks that will ensure we get around the time crunch. Tech savvy people are in advantage here, but we will try to teach you noobies a couple of tricks as well. Stay tuned!

Last minute deals – sweet


Believe it or not there are some very important benefits to being a forgetful individual such as yourself – and some of them are the fabulous last minute deals. Everyone on the planet has them: travel agencies, online stores, physical stores, local businesses – you name it! This works best if you want to surprise your loved one with a trip somewhere. There are such drops in flight deals and hotel prices – it’s insane. Here are some tricks how to grab those. If you are buying Christmas gifts you might not be in such luck with discounts just because of the huge, and we mean huge demand that comes with it. Mother’s day, on the other hand is a more specific holiday, and since we can all agree that the majority of people forgetting to buy gifts (or having other reasons why they didn’t do it in time) are men, let us give you a nobrainer: just buy some fancy mothers day chocolates for your mom – nobody can resist those!


Mind the shipping time


OK so, you have to do SOME calculation. But we are here to help. In order to be sure you can expect that delivery before the big day, you should know the site’s shipping policy. Target, for example, urges their customers to order their Christmas gifts by December 20th so they would be delivered by Dec 25th – but only for selected items. Basically, the sooner you order – the better. In some stores you can search for the Free Last Minute Shiping days but if you miss those you’ll have to pay extra for the expedited delivery.


Thank You Amazon Prime, thank you


This is a membership program that comes as a monthly or a yearly deal. The biggest perk and the one that is most significant for us here – is that is offers free one or two day shipping on most items. You also get access to some exclusive items. If that’s too much money for you to give on a delivery service, check out if other benefits persuade you to do it. In the end, it depends on how frequently you order from Amazon all together, but it’s a sweet last minute delivery trick we had to put in front of you.

So what are you waiting for? Click that Buy now button, it’s mother’s day tomorrow!


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