iPhone 7 Will Ditch Headphone Jack – Latest Rumor

Here is the latest rumor on iPhone 7, the phone will ditch the headphone jack.  The news according to the latest rumor shows Apple might ditch the standard 3.5 mm head which would favor Lightning based headphones. From the beginning of computers and walkman to latest smart phones, every device has a 3.5mm headphone jack. If the rumor is to be believed, this would be beginning of devices without the headphone jack.

The news is according to the Japanese tech site Mac Tamara, which started Apple, might start opting the lightning based headphones. The idea behind not having the headphone jack is to minimize the size of the phone. The site shows, iPhone’s will be a full millimeter slim than the current and existing iphones.  The rumored phone will also come with lightning based Ear pods which will be compatible with third party lightning based headphones and Bluetooth devices.

Though the news is not confirmed by Apple, it is unsure if this change might be true. MacRumors indicates Mac Otakara as reliable with information and news. This is because Apple had introduced the MFi specification for lightning based headphones last year. This might be time Apple might want to change its regular headphone jack to its new MFi.

Apple is known for dropping older technology in its products to popularize and use better technology. For instance, it dropped the floppy drive and popularized USB in its original iMac. Similarly, all ports were ditched in the 12-inch retina MacBook for headphone jack and USB port.

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