Is iPhone 7 Camera Good Enough for Blogging?

A good blog post is a combination of text, images and other multimedia elements. Having a photograph in your text makes it more visually appealing, but you can’t just put any image. Sure, you can use some of the online services where you can find photos of literally anything, but your readers will always appreciate more when the pictures are actually taken by you. With that said, you might ask whether you need a professional DSLR and a photography course to take great photos. Probably not. In this text, we will try to discover if it is possible to take fantastic photos with your iPhone and how to get the most of it.

The best camera you have is the one with you

Let’s start with the most obvious advantage an iPhone camera has over bulky DSLR cameras – it’s easily portable. It’s something you learn to appreciate when you miss a couple of great shots because you haven’t had your camera within your reach, or because it took you too long to unpack it, turn it on, adjust it and remove the lens cap. So, are iPhone cameras good enough to capture an important moment? Sure, it’s better than no camera at all, but let’s check how it holds up when we evaluate the technical things.


The quality and the resolution of iPhone camera

So, an iPhone 7 has a 12MP camera, which sounds very poor when compared to some DSLRs that feature more than 42MP. However, it does have many other neat functions that keep it on the top when it comes to phone cameras. An iPhone 7 camera also features optical image stabilization, six-element lens, true tone flash, backside illumination sensor, autofocus and tap to focus pixels, wide color capture, body and face detection, exposure control, HDR and noise reduction. Pretty good for a phone camera, right?

The issue of depth of field

Depth of field (the area of the image that is in focus) is a basic premise of photography, and it is very important for professional photographers. However, it can be imperative for some bloggers, too. While you don’t really need that great depth of field for taking fashion shots, it is essential for food photography and culinary blogs. The close-ups of food will sometimes look better with shallow and sometimes with deep depth of field, but you should be able to make that choice. As for our iPhone 7 camera, although it does have an f1.8 aperture which should provide excellent DOF, due to its short focal length and small circle of confusion values, it fails to deliver great results. Instead, it uses software to simulate out-of-focus areas, which is not that bad either when you need to make a quick photo.


Tricks of the trade for iPhone photographers

By now you have probably realized that it is entirely possible to use an iPhone 7 camera for your blogging illustrations. It does lag behind DSLRs, but it also has some unique advantages, first of them being its portability. The second, very important advantage for bloggers who take pictures casually is that it is simple to master. And here are a few tips that will help you do that:

  • Keep the photos simple;
  • Be creative with angles (try shooting from a low angle);
  • Learn to compose an image;
  • Enhance your photos with VSCO app filters;
  • Shoot in RAW instead of JPEG;
  • Increase the exposure instead of turning on the flash;
  • Use a tripod.

To answer the question from the beginning: yes, iPhone 7 cameras truly are good enough for blogging. Sure, they may never be as good as DSLRs, especially in low-light conditions, but what they do, they do really well, and you can rely on them whenever you need them.


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