Invitation for Affordable Small Electric Car by French Government

A global competition was announced by the French government with the main aim to manufacture a small electric car. The selling price should be in the category of under $7,500.

The French Minister of Sustainable Development, Ecology and Energy, Madame Ségolène Royal, describes that she requires the participants to “create a small electric car for people at affordable price”. She also envisages that the car being light, fast-charging, small and with an appearance that does not resemble the traditional electric cars. She also pointed €7,000 as the price tag for the small electric car. Roughly $7,500 will be the upper limit and it may be as low as $5,300.

Expectations of French Minister

The attempt to shift nation’s vehicle fleet to electric with the small electric car will roll France  at low cost if the plans for the event is executed successfully. Royal also expects lots of innovation in the competition to make small electric cars. She expects the innovation in battery development and material, including new car usage modes.

An impressive solution

She also informed that it would be a very impressive solution, which will help the developing countries where the fossil fuel vehicles are mostly purchased by the growing middle class. This is not the very first plan to create an electric car at an affordable price. Even though the Nano received poor reviews from customers, it is the first low-cost electric vehicle which is manufactured by Tata in India with $ 15,000 as the initial cost when launched. Let us wait to see the results of France’s effort.

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