Instagram added new feature to involve more young users.

To keep the messaging service Snapchat, Facebook Inc’s Instagram has added a new feature on Tuesday by which the users would be able to chat and share photos and videos in group and private conversation.

The Instagram is prominent among 300 million users. It is focusing on the upgrade to involve more audience as the youngsters are already addicted to it.


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The new feature focuses on the sharing of images and videos among the groups and as private messages, due to which more people would stay on the mobile apps and websites increasing the visiting time of people on the website.

According to Instagram, young mobile users are more interested in chating with friends rather than just viewing the photograph. As about 40 percent of people who comment on a photograph, starts conversation about it.

The move made by Instagram to start sharing photos and videos with the change in layout seems to be the first step towards competing with Snapchat.

Snapchat is not fully prominent as the messages send using this app disappears after a few seconds and it has already offered a wide variety of image and video formats. Snapchat has upgraded its service earlier this year to enable the users to exchange responses to a picture or video. Due to the increase in the competition, many social apps and sites have introduced the feature of messaging to lure the users to stay on the website for longer. Do you think Instagram would be able to engage more people on the website for long hours? Comment below to share your opinion.

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  1. Cool. I love this

  2. 30 secs is rather to short for videos, Instagram needs an up grade there

  3. It is so addictive that many youths and the little youngsters or nowadays waste away their time just be use the application. So disheartening

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