Innovation and Care – 2025 Electric Car fleet

Planning is in progress for the largest Electric car fleet along with the charging stations  in New York City by 2025. On Dec1,2015 Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a plan where replacement of electric vehicles like the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan plays a major role in Transportation and Recreation Department over the next ten years.

Fuel efficient

The Electric car fleet will require $50-$80 million as capital over a decade.  Electric vehicles which operate completely in electricity will be used that make 50% of the non emergency fleet in the city. Mr. de Blasio’s spokeswoman Amy Spitalnick, said the purchase price of the electric cars are high even if it is fuel efficient. Mr. de Blasio’s and his team found that energy sustainability should be focused, and Ms. Spitalnick said, Compared to other American cities the electric fleet of New York is considerably small .

 Go Clean and Go Green

Electric car fleet by 2025 will help to reduce the emissions of vehicle by 50% .The plan’s various aspects is yet to be solved which has some serious issues like charging the battery during long travel, etc. The Mayor’s idea of the car fleet and his statement regarding greener and cleaner fleet proves his vision for cleaner environment.

The Scarcity of electric models makes many fire and police vehicles unchanged. Sanitation trucks will be upgraded in an eco-friendly nature with start-stop engines which mainly helps in reducing the emissions and reduction in usage of diesel.

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