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The Human Resources (HR) software market is gaining ground, with new solutions flooding it at an unprecedented rate. The tech industry has evolved, and became adept at meeting strategic business demands. Even startups no longer shy away from making major HR purchases, albeit they struggle with tight budgets and lack of IT capacities. It is clear that small businesses must take advantage of killer tools at their disposal if they are to rise up to the challenge and prevail. Centralizing the workflow and enhancing the efficiency more than makes up for any related expenditure.


The first software on the list is a modular workforce management solution, tailored to startups in a service industry. The first module is linked to hiring, serving as an applicant tracking system, but with extra features of social media recruiting and custom career web pages. The second one is utilized for designing various courses and training programs for workers. Finally, the third module allows users to pull together schedules and shifts, taking into account the factors of costs and availability. One can access all modules of the PeopleMatter via the native mobile app or a web-based platform.


Allay is the HR software which streamlines tasks and handles them from a single online dashboard. It collects and tracks all the information related to employees, and also keeps it updated. The biggest advantage is in automating activities that used to be major time wasters. Namely, Allay lets you tackle various HR administration duties more efficiently, and track data on employee permits, licenses, training, salary, benefits, and start date. Managers may also handle employee onboarding, offboarding, open enrollments, paid-time off, payroll, etc. The ACA compliance is a special treat, as well as options for setting reminders and alerts.


For an end-to-end approach to HR and human capital management (HCM), many professionals decide to give UltiPro a try. This is on-demand, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud solution. It is a highly effective instrument for getting a hold of payroll and talent management. The users gain a detailed picture about the complete life cycle of the employee, from the moment of hiring to the retirement.  The good news is also that reporting and analysis covers all areas of HCM. And with the mobile and global cloud support, UltiPro is a great way to cut down the IT costs, reduce the workload, and do business on the go.


Some companies opt for specialized software, and Jazz is one of the best. It focuses on applicant tracking and interview management, and aids in posting jobs, screening applications, and carrying out the interviews. All these tasks are performed via centralized, real-time dashboard. One of the strong points is the possibility to create customized recruiting stages with the help of automated to-dos. The stakeholders can also be added to the process and assigned various permissions and privacy levels. At last, users get a chance to employ the built-in SEO tools, post directly on job search sites and do background checks nice and easy.


Those who seek a web-based tool for core HR and talent acquisition should look no further than Namely. Growing companies will find it convenient to choose between separate modules and end-to-end product. The benefits are many and encompass areas of payroll and benefit administration, performance reviews, time-off monitoring, and team metrics. On top of that, Namely also features a social news feed and custom reports for individual employees. A user-friendly interface is a treat to navigate, which is not always the case with enterprise platforms. The best thing is probably around-the-clock customer support through the dedicated account manager.


Solutions that are easy to set up and run are always preferable, and BambooHR certainly falls in this category. An intuitive, clean design won’t give you a hard time, and Open API (Application Programming interface) enables quick integration with existing HR vendors. Apart from the basic HR functions (like job openings, reports, time-off information and files) the platform is in accordance with the way most startups do employee reviews. It also displays upcoming events, company’s announcements, workforce statistics, and recent activities. The only drawback is a slightly higher price compared to other tools in its league.

A Strategic Resource

Technology is the centerpiece of modern business operations and HR tools come as a blessing for startups across all industry sectors. They alleviate the pain and frustration by automating a bulk of the task, permitting owners and managers to devote to other duties. Among other things, these platforms enable you to retain and reward employees, bridge performance gaps, handle applicant tracking, administer payroll, conduct social recruiting, improve collaboration, etc. Yet, they may require you to allocate more funds, step up recordkeeping and compliance, and hire dedicated HR staff.

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