HTC Company Tipped to Produce Two Google Nexus Phones With Code-names.

HTC is one of the top largest phone manufacturing companies in the telecommunication industry. This is because of the amazing phones that they do design and produce. The Google Nexus phone will be one of their brands that have rendered an epic performance in the telecommunication market. At the moment, recent speculations portray that the HTC Company is working on the production of the Google Nexus phones. The HTC Nexus phones at the moment are being named with codes M1 and S1.

Google Nexus Phones

Also according to the constant speculations this phones will be equipped with a display same to the Nexus 6P and the display will be a 3D touch. It’s also likely that the device will be running on Android N. Rumors also suggests that the code names that represent the two phones might be standing for ‘Sailfish’ for S1 and ‘Marlin’ for M1. This will be one of the latest phones that are designed with a lot of innovation and technology to render an epic experience whenever you are using them.
This might not be the only Nexus devices that the HTC Company is working on. The HTC Company has produced the HTC Nexus 9 Tablet, which did not render an epic performance in the telecommunication industry. The two Google Nexus phones might be one of their next projects after the production and release of the HTC 10 phone. The high levels of competition in the telecommunication industry are the primary motivator of the HTC Company in producing latest and adorable gadgets.

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