HP Partners Movado and Titan for Innovative Wearable Devices

Tech giant HP is partnering with world’s fifth largest watch market Titan to create innovative wearable devices. It is the company’s bid to take on the Apple Watch which was launched in September 2014. Titan devices in the future will be compatible with iPhone and iOS devices.  The program is named “Engineered by HP” in which HP will develop software, hardware modules, cloud services, user interface, etc., for wearable devices.

The announcement comes in within a week after HP partnered Movado to make new smartwatches which will be called “bold motion”. The company hasn’t announced on the product details with its partnership with Titan however Movado Bold Motion smartwatches can be reserved currently and its priced at $695. The Movado Bold Motion will be compatible with devices that run on iOS 8 and above.

Unlike modern smartwatches that has touch screen the Bold Motion has analog dial watch face.  Modern smartwatches has a screen that shows notifications but in the Bold Motion has a LED ring lights with different colors to tell the user what kind of notification they have received. Its first of its kind of an digital smartwatch with analog dial. The wearable device will be available in different styles and capabilities to meet requirement of every user.

The Engineered by HP program is to create an all new experience for customers have with their day to day accessories. To make them more interesting with innovative design materials and technology to help people stay connected. We will have to wait a bit more to check how these smart wearable devices work with new technology.

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