How many cars can a hydrogen gas station fuel?

To fuel more than a billion vehicles wandering around on the surface of earth, a lot of gas stations are available everywhere, some of them have diesel pumps while others have petrol and CNG.

As the rules are getting serious about the harmful gas emission from the vehicles, a wave of competition has spread out for the hydrocarbon fuels.

Copyrights 2008

Copyrights 2008

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The gas station which has recently opened have 12 pumps in three to four single and double ranks, which can serve more than 12 vehicles at a time and the price for the construction are about $ 2 million. The stoppage of people at these car stations is not more than 10 to 12 minutes, even after being involved in shopping of the confectionery items they provide.

If assumed that three vehicles are served within the time duration of one hour, the maximum throughput is about 850 vehicles in 24 hours.

If talked about the hydrogen fueling station and DC quick-charging sites, California gets $ 1.6 million funding from the state for construction of a single hydrogen fueling station. Additional funds are provided by local government agencies and corporate investors as the cost per station is about $ 2 million.

The balance of $ 2 million is made up by local government agencies which includes car makers and companies such as First Element Fuel that is expecting to earn more by selling hydrogen extra time. Do you think this time government will be really stringent? Comment below to share your opinion.

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