Honda FCV Fuel-Cell Vehicle – First of its Kind

Honda FCV Launch

Honda will soon be revealing the production version of its hydrogen fuel-cell sedan ( Honda FCV) at the Tokyo Motor Show. The company has already released pictures showing the car and its interior following its FCEV and FCV concepts. Releasing  the fuel cell car opens up  some more options  as it will be competing with 2016 Toyota Mirai.

Talking about the challenges of Honda FCV, plug-in hybrid version is the most challenging variant to engineer as it will require all the plumbing which is necessary for a gasoline engine, including a fuel tank. It also seems that with Honda FCV, The idea of offering an architecture that can accommodate battery-electric and plug-in hybrid versions is likely to become more common in coming years. The future Hyundai dedicated hybrid, known as “AE” and meant to compete with the new Toyota Prius, will also have both plug-in hybrid and battery-electric variants similar to Honda FCV.

Comparison of Honda FCV with others

The Honda FCV succeeds the very low-volume FCX Clarity fuel-cell sedan. Amongst them roughly 200 were made between the years 2008 and 2014, out of these 200,  50  were offered in the Unites States of America.

The Honda FCV will be the first hydrogen-powered vehicle to house the complete power train–fuel-cell stack, electric motor, and power electronics–under the hood.

The cabin is therefore as spacious as that of a conventional sedan. Honda also says that the car has a seating of 5 adults. On the other hand, Mirai, when compared to Honda FCV has only four seats.

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