The Historic Landing of Space X Back on Earth.

The Super Power countries have really been working on various spaceships that can go to space. The technological incorporation and high innovation have led to the production of very powerful. The Rocket Spaceship built by the SpaceX Company was launched into space and it came back to each from space. This is one of the famously historic events that happened. Ellon Musk is the brainchild of the SpaceX Company. He is well known for his versatile tech developments. This is seen as the Tesla model 3 was unveiled into the market and it was rated as one of the top electric vehicles in the world.


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The Falcon 9 a space ship designed and produced by the SpaceX is the first reusable rocket ever in the world.  This has depicted high levels of engineering prowess in the SpaceX Company. The Falcon Musk was launched off from the Florida’s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. This was an experimental test since it contained a robotic dragon cargo spacecraft from the SpaceX Company. This is one of the top experimental tests from the SpaceX Company. The falcon 9 rocket landed in a sea from space, thus marking one of the historic events in the world. The Falcon 9 rocket is actually a 2 stage space ship that was designed to transport satellites to space. Each stage uses a single engine that burns within a stipulated time of 397 sec and a thrust of 934 Kn.
According to NASA, the technological design of Falcon 9 rocket by the space X can be used by space crews traveling to the moon, mars due to the habitable structures in it. This is one of the top best innovations that renders the Ellon Musk as one of the best technological innovators in the world.

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