Google Plans to Combine Chrome OS and Android

Google is planning to merge its computer Chrome OS and mobile Android OS. The new operating system will be released in the year 2017. However early version of the software will be unveiled next year. It’s been quite some time since Google started to work on merging the two operating system.  It is now the company has made some real good developments.

Chrome OS was made mainly for Google’s laptops such as Chrome book to give users a web browser centric experience. Though the Chromebooks were cheap it relied a lot on internet connections for users to access its complete features while Android mobile operating system is found on billions of mobile phone worldwide which are made by different manufacturers.

The two OS functions and works completely different from one another yet the company want to merge them. It could be due to the company’s plans to have Android operating system to be running in every device such as laptops and personal computers. This will also open doors of opportunities to developers to create new apps for the new OS. Even now, certain Android apps are also compatible on Chrome OS.

The biggest task for engineers at Google will be the development of Android for laptops. Company will provide support for Chrome OS and for all its Chromebooks. Microsoft is already working on Windows 10, it rungs on mobile phones.

It is confirmed the first view or preview of the new OS (combining Chrome OS and Android) will be shown during the I/O conference in 2016.

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