Google has taken its I/O to another level. Recently it has announced that the Android M, which is the future of Android after Lollipop, will be used to power the Android phones, but it seems like Google smartphones are going to be following suit as well.

Now the latest inbox and outbox app has been released for Google. As already the proud host of 900 million Gmail users, Google has now opened its doors for all with its new feature. Google’s announcement of the open Inbox for everyone will now invite millions of users to view their messages on their Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Gmail announcements

Not only that, their free mail viewer app is now close to hitting the 1 billion user mark. This means that they are well on their way to becoming the most popular email application in the world. The senior Vice president of the company, Mr. Sundar Pichai has released the data recently at the Google I/O 2015 developer’s conference.

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In 2012, the number of Gmail users was at 425 million, while in the last three years the app has seen a hike in user base. There are now close to a billion users who are accessing Gmail. But this is not the whole story. Pichai has said that they have also noted a major shift in the way people are accessing their emails nowadays. A good number of people have shifted to using their Gmail inbox from their mobile phones. This is corresponding to the hike in the number of users worldwide.

In fact, as much as 75% of the Gmail users check their mails through mobile phones. This had happened right after Google had launched their Android app for Gmail. Now recently they have made updates on this latest application as well. In a Google+ status update, they were heard saying that “Over the next few days, you’ll see a few improvements to the Gmail app for Android based on your feedback with more coming soon.”


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The recent changes include the features which will allow you to tap on a person’s avatar to check out the recent conversations which you had with them. Also, contact and other info can be viewed easily. Adding new contacts is now easier and also you will be receiving the support for non Gmail addresses or IMAP.


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Another interesting announcement, which came into the news with the Google I/O announcements, was the photo app feature. Apparently, the photo app will be revamped for the future. Till now we knew that this app had been integrated with the Google+ app. But what’s new is that Google has promised that this new photo app will include unlimited video and photo storage feature. The resolution however has been limited to 1080p for videos and 16 mega pixels for photos.

Android M


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The star of the announcements was obviously the Android M promises. Some speculations are that Google has borrowed some of the features from Apple for this version. However, we are yet to see the changes manifested. Some are also of the view that this version of the Google I/O will make use of the volume feature in a better way. This means that the volume button can now be used to go up and down.

Different Booths for different upgrades

With all being said and done, Google certainly has put up some great features for the show. There were several highlights of this show indeed. There were booths set up at different stalls where different works of the Google I/O was being displayed.

There was one booth where the Google Game Manager on display was very high in quality – so we can expect the same from Google in future, especially when it is high in quality and so low in latency. The feature of leading the games on your iOS or Android devices was enabled with the feature of mirroring them on to your Android TV or Chromecast. Some of those games would also hold the capacity to change your device into a controller with all different images showing up on your device. This is good news for the gamers as more quality is being embedded into the gaming part from Google’s end.

Project Jacquard


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Much more was happening at the ATAP section, where the Project Jacquard section promised a technically advanced future. Imagine turning the lights on with just a tap on your chest, or being able to play a game on Chromecast. This project is for a little too far off for the future, but of course, there was Project Soli – a chip smaller than your thumbnail which would enable you to control any screen without ever touching it.

Project ARA


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The one which we can expect Google to launch very soon is Project ARA. If this project is launched, one would be able to put together an entire modular phone in just a few seconds. It will be much faster than the previous versions of course. It is on the verge of being launched at Puerto Rico, later in this year.

Google Spotlight Stories

The best and the most fascinating thing for the future, perhaps is the Spotlight stories. Now you have a 360 degree immersive movie technology, which will make your movie going experience richer and better than ever before. Up until this date, the Spotlight stories were just animations, but recently with Google’s team up with Justin Lin, the director of Fast and Furious series, he was able to give us a live demo of the technology. The fascinating thing about this technology is that it doesn’t leave you behind. So if you have missed a scene which is important to take the story forward, it will wait until you have completed watching that scene to take you to the next level.

The final Spotlight

What’s more? “Spotlight stories” is now available for free download on Google play with four different stories. Google has announced that it will be launched in iOS very soon.

Google also sheds some light on its offline connectivity feature. With so many apps in the forefront, Google has also talked about its efforts to make its apps available in countries where internet access is limited.

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