Google Android Wear To Roll Out and Update with Marshmallow

There has been lot of evidence mounting in the last couple of days about Google Android wears getting marshmallow. Evidences are there to show Android 6.0 wears have started rolling out. This would continue rolling out for the next couple of weeks.



The official posts published by Google list the most popular features of the new firmware. It’s believed to have a couple of interesting features such audio speaker supported wrist watches, new navigation features and expanded support for client messages.

The Piekarski’s post reminded developers to not to remove support for API 22 until the API 23 SDK rollout is complete. Although, this reminder doesn’t prove, it’s just to confirm all the Android wears will be getting Marshmallow. If not for Marshmallow, the other devices would continue supporting API 22. So anyone having the G Watch, Gear Live or Moto 360 won’t have to feel left out.

The first OTAs will start rolling out today and some of the models will receive updates before others, Therefore users don’t have to worry if there is no OTA available for their particular model. It might come later in them month for your device. It’s likely your model was on the first on the list. The first set of models that will get updated in the beginning will be a small group for each model like all Nexus OTAs. The numbers will increase very quickly if no major issues are not found or reported. So, you will need to wait some time if your devices are not in the top of the list being updated.

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