Google and Ford Partner to Launch Self-Driving Cars by 2020

Internet giant Google and Ford are in talks to produce self driving cars by 2020. Google wants to produce vehicles that have sensors built to it. The discussions between the two companies are mainly focused in developing designs for advanced car technologies and increase pace in companies efforts to make self driving cars.

The partnership between Google and Ford will be mostly revealed in early 2016 however Ford will not have exclusive rights to the vehicles designed. This is because Google will have the freedom to continue its talks and discussions on the same topic with other car markers. At the moment, the talks are related to creating of software for the self driving cars, which includes steering, braking, acceleration, etc. These aspects of the cars will be designed and developed by Google.

The sensors and the self driving technologies will be incorporated in Ford’s vehicles first in a way they don’t protrude. Self-driving prototype cars Google produced recently have sensors which are incorporated to its design. Though Ford spokesman didn’t reveal much info on their talks with Google, it was clear, Ford is also in talks with other companies on developing its mobility plans. Google spokesperson also had very less to reveal about the talks with Ford. As of now, there is not much information regarding talks between Google and Ford.

One of the main advantages Ford has during the talk with Google was their stock had notched up by 3.4%. It was the first time the company’s stock had a rise since Mr. Fields got behind the steering wheels in early 2014. It was the same year, Ford recorded high profits in North America and eventually had an 18% fall in the same year too. We will have to wait for some more time to get details about their talks.

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