Germany to Encourage Electric Cars Sales with 2 Billion Euros

Electric cars evolution started a couple of decades ago but it was a couple of years ago is started getting in to the mainstream list of automobiles. With automobile manufacturers and Governments investing billions of dollars to save the planets environment from hazardous emissions from fuel run cars, The German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel wants to commit 2 billion Euros which is around $2.17 billion U.S dollars to encourage electric car sales in the country.

electric cars


Although not much information is available at the moment, it is clear every electric car buyer in the country will receive a subsidy from the government.  The Minister also shared his interest in increasing the number of charging stations in the country.  One of the main objective of the conference was targeted at federal offices to which the Minister revealed about an initiative to encourage federal offices to use electric cars. The program will be funded by the Government under the current budget plan that will include no taxes.

The government is planning to hit a million electric cars on road by the end of 2020. World renowned German car manufacturers such as Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, etc are all planning and started working on their versions of electric vehicles.  These manufacturers are making the best EV’s such as easily affordable cars to super sports electric cars.

Electric cars are not much seen in Germany but it is clear in the coming years it will be the mainstream cars on German roads. The call for supporting and encouraging electric cars came after Volkswagen hit the diesel emission scandal.

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