Germans Chooses Electrical Vans for Postal Service

The Germany postal service, Deutsche Post has announced its intentions to use electrical vans in its services a step it terms will take them a lot to achieve it. The company further said that it intended on building their own electrical vans for that purpose According to Europe Online the service is ready to start building its own Street Scooter electrical vans. The Deutsche post expects to build around 2,000 vans by the end of his year to add on to the few electrical vans that are already in operation.

Germans to build own unique electric vans for postal service

The officials of the service expressed their hope to replace Deutsche Posts 30,000 unit fleet of internal combustion vans with the new electrical vans.  The service is currently planning on building the vans exclusively for its own use at the moment although it could consider sales to fleet customers in the coming future.
The service, however, has around 50 prototype vehicles put into service back in 2013. They have 30-kilowatt electric motors, enabling them to cruise at a top speed of 85 kilometers per hour (52 miles per hour). According to the service a lithium-ion battery pack of different sizes will be used. This is because they allow a range of about 120 kilometers (74 miles) as tested by the European testing cycle.
The idea is expected to work since the postal vans travel over predictable routes and over short distances thus viewed as ideal applications for battery-electric powertrains.  The Street Scooter was initially founded as a startup in 2010 as an offshoot from RWTH University in the border city of Aachen. However in 2012, Deutsche Post debuted prototype electric vans built by startup Street Scooter, and the in 2014 it eventually acquired the company outright.


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