General Motors and LG Partners for High Range Electric Cars

General Motors and LG are joining hands to make electric cars together. GM is widely known in the electric car market with their green car, Chevrolet Bolt. It is expected LG will be working a major role in the production of next generation of Chevrolet Bolt. LG will be responsible to provide all the required components for the electric cars such as battery cells, electric motors, dashboard components and al other required electronic requirement.

The main motto of the US and South Korean giants partnering is to deliver high electric range cars at affordable rates. The partnering of General Motors and LG will make and develop Chevy Bolt and Spark EV increasing its mile range with decent rates.

One of the main reason Chevrolet Bolt is a huge hit in the electric car market is due to its affordable rates. Now, General Motors and LG will develop battery cells that will help you get 200 mile range at $35,000.

This is not the first time the two major corporations collaborated earlier, back in 2007, they had partnered where LG was responsible making electric car battery cells for Chevy Bolt and GM’s other plug-in hybrids.

The battery cells are made at LGChem which is one of LG’s subsidiaries that makes electric car battery cells. The company also provides batteries to other electric car manufacturers such as VW’s Audi, Ford Motor Company, Daimler AG, etc.

LG has become one of the world’s best vehicle tech giant that is currently supplying 11 systems for Chevy Bolt such as air-conditioning systems, monitors, inverters, power control module, entertainment system, etc. GM is working on making the best affordable electric car with long mile range with their new Bolt to compete with Tesla.

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