Future of Nissan Leaf to be Revealed in Tokyo Motor Show

The future of Nissan Leaf will be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show later this week. There is quite a lot of information available about the futuristic Nissan Leaf for 2016. The next version of the car will have a very powerful battery and is believed that the SL and SV models will have 107 mile range. The basic S model will have 83 mile range.

Nissan is planning to change the body shapes and look of its next version Leaf similar to what Toyota did with Prius. The company’s Vice President Trevor Mann, recently hinted there would be more than one Leaf and is widely been talked about a new SUV from the manufacturer. Recently, the company also revealed a photograph of a 3 door hatchback which could be then next generation Leaf for 2017.

The hottest cars in town are crossovers and SUV. Elon Musk of Tesla had a deleted tweet in which he said they are working on a SUV which might be called as Model Y. Its every manufacturer dream to produce SUV’s and crossovers to meet their customers’ expectations worldwide and Nissan might bring out a crossover electric car soon.

Nissan’s executives told the press in Japan, its 5% of sales will be through electric vehicles and would rise up to 10% at near future. They are intended to make more EV’s such as Nissan Leaf for the American market. There would be a long term sudden demand for EV’s in 2-3 years by2019-2020. With the reduction of EV batteries, prices will also go down soon.

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