Free Apps That Save You Loads of Money

Apps can be very useful, although most of them just waste your time and try to get some money out of you. But some apps can help you save money and also manage your finances in a better way. So, here is a list of the best money saving apps.


Mint is an app that allows you to monitor all your financial activity from all accounts, ranging from checking and savings to retirement. Each transaction is automatically recorded and categorized. This app creates a budget for you by noting your spending patterns. If you have an Ipad, Mint can create graphs to give you a visual representation of your net worth and cash flow. In terms of security, this app is password protected and you can deactivate access from your phone through the Mint website.

You will never miss a bill payment again if you have Billtracker. This app is passcode- protected  and allows you to keep all due dates and amount totals in one place. It will notify you when you have a pending payment. Billtracker contains a calendar with highlighted due dates.





If you regularly take your kids to the restaurant with you, you will find Out To Eat With Kids to be a very useful app. This app helps you find restaurants where kids can eat for free.  You will save money on food that will remain uneaten or will end up on the floor.

An app that is great for wine lovers is Free wines. If you are one of them this app will help you find restaurants which offer a free bottle of an award winning wine. There is a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, for various purposes such as a special celebration, fine dining or just an informal night out with the family. This wine app is a great choice for all of you who like to dine fancy on a budget. You just have to pick a restaurant, book a table and agree that you will spend a minimum amount of money on your dinner, and you will receive your free bottle of wine.

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GroceryIQ is an app that allows you to create a grocery shopping list so that you can stay on task and stay away from those costly impulse purchases. There are also options such as voice recognition and barcode scanning. This app will also offer you coupons and has a store locator feature. It is very useful for those who want to keep their grocery budget under control or for busy families.

SavingStar is a coupon app for various grocery stores and drugstores, and it is linked to your very own store loyalty cards, which you need to have in order to get rewards. You select the digital coupons you wish to use and the reward is applied on your loyalty card, so when you reach five dollars in savings you earn money.




Hotel Tonight is an international app that you can use to find low prices on last minute bookings. You can actually arrange same day booking until 2 a.m. and for multiple nights. This app can really be a lifesaver in case of a layover or spontaneous vacations. This app is continually adding new locations and has a customer support that is available at any time to keep customers happy.

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BestParking is an app that can eliminate the stress and cost of finding an affordable parking. This app will help you avoid being ripped off by parking garages. Instead, it will lead you to the closest and cheapest parking choices. You can even report an inaccurate pricing and receive a five dollar Starbucks gift card.

Thanks for reading our choice on best money saving free apps!


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