We have seen an era of ongoing Formula 1 action, which is still amazing and on an upwards curve. Formula 1 is the battle of elite car manufacturers in originality and in recent decades has seen many more teams join in and take a share of the big cake of finance and popularity. This sport has constantly seen race drivers emerging and creating history with their fearless driving and persona. Much is said about Formula one as it being the sport for the elite, and as it stands it is one of those sports which auto lovers hold in the highest regard.

Similar to Formula 1, a few years back another concept emerged about racing representing different countries, which run for a few years before it bombed in terms of popularity and subsequently out of range, forever. The reasons I feel is because it did not offer much to what this sport is all about. It did not fall under the hierarchy of Formula 1; neither did it entice the racing fans to be a part of it. These I feel are the main reasons for the failure of this banner, but one of the major factors is that it came at a wrong time of the decade, when there was not much emphasis put on growing technology in terms of automotive.


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Move forward a few years and there is a lot of innovation and growing technology, which has brought out a new concept of racing for cars running on electricity. This is the Formula E. When I say electric car, it does not mean the normal small car that we see zipping around our city streets, but something on the lines of a Formula One car. With the growing world of electric cars increasing in the market, this is a whole new avenue in racing created for electric cars and approved by the FIA, or the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile which is the governing body for racing. So let’s get straight to understand this whole idea, as I have a few important details to help you get to know this form of racing, little by little.


Formula E was thought about in 2012 and the first race took place in 2014, after all such a humongous concept does take some time to be completely race ready. Basically Formula E is the highest class of competition for one-make single-seater, electrically powered racing cars. Like it’s called Grand Prix for Formula One, it’s called E-prix for this form of racing. The races are usually held in cities, 9 of them so far, with about 10 Teams and 20 drivers, with each team holding 4 cars each, making it a total of 40 cars, while the race franchise holds 2 cars for testing purposes. The first full season is ongoing (2014-15) which has so far had 6 races, won by 6 different drivers, with 5 more races to go to finish the season. 9thof May will see the Formula E arrive in Europe for the first time with the race set to be held at the “Circuit De Monaco” track in Monte Carlo, Monaco. The circuit distances are approximately 2 – 3.4 km.


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The cars which are used during the first season are being supplied by Spark Racing Technology, called Spark-Renault SRT 01E, and the FIA made an order of 42 of those, of which 40 will be for the 10 teams while the remaining 2 would be used for track testing purposes. The cars accelerate from 0—100 km/h in 3 seconds, and can hit a top speed of 225 km/h.


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Drivers & Constructors:

The drivers include some high profile names from the past Formula One seasons. Nelson Piquet Jr is one of them who is the son of Former Formula One driver Nelson Piquet. So far in the first season, 6 races have been completed while those were won by 6 different drivers, while the top three spots are being highly contested by Luca di Grassi, Nelson Piquet Jr & Nicolas Prost in respective positions on the Driver’s Championship Table. The Constructors are 10 in number and the top positions have been contested by e.dams Renault, Audi Sport ABT & Virgin racing. So far the teams have been challenging enough for you to start following this sport from either this season itself or may be from the beginning of next September when the 2015-16 season commences.


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The future is bright for this form of racing, with Electric cars being touted as the future, and as more people get to know about this form of racing, the number of followers will definitely go in the upwards direction. With more television coverage expected in the coming seasons, this sport is surely going to be on a high.

As with the first season so far, the FIA has some rules in place for the Manufacturers about the choice of cars. As I mentioned earlier there is only the one type of car made available without any customising, making it an even battlefield from a Formula One racing pint of view, and more competitive on the ability of the driver to convert every race into a win.


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With a new FIA announcement the manufacturers can change certain parts of the car. In the 2015-16 season we will also see a total of 8 manufacturers and the races expanded to 12 cities. This new implementation in the rules will see the Formula E racing more competitive in the next season, with more tweaks to the existing rules expected in the seasons after that. So overall a bright competitive and attractive future awaits this form of racing. Furthermore with the quality of cars that are there so far along with the quality of drivers, this form of racing should not be underestimated to the slightest, and looking forward should be the only option, with complete optimism, because what I have seen so far of this form of racing, it has been electric!

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