Ford’s Vision of the Electrified Version of Vehicles by 2020

Ford has planned to invest $4.5 billion on the electrified version of the vehicles. Also announced that it will line up 13 new electric cars by 2020 for it will start a research program on electric batteries. On 10th December at a press conference in Dearborn, Mark Fields CEO of Ford announced that they will produce a more electrified version of the vehicles.

Features: The information from the press conference makes it clear that more than 40% of the Ford’s models will become electrified versions in just five years. The first of 13 new electric cars will start its countdown on 2017. In late 2017, the production will get started with a battery that has a mileage range of 100.The car is planned to get charged to 80% in 30 minutes. This is 2 hours faster than the current Focus electric models and will be the first fast Focus model.

Current electric cars from Ford: Three electric cars are currently available from Ford, they are, the Focus, the Fusion and the C-Max. Ford has already started the phase of expansion of its research and development program to improve electric vehicle battery technology in Europe and Asia. More than120 engineers have been hired by Ford for this electrified version of the vehicles. A $ 9 million battery lab at the University of Michigan is opened on top of partly funding in 2013. The lab is also working on the batteries with an aim to produce cheaper, smaller and lighter batteries. Number of automakers has planned to invest more on electric vehicles.

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