Ford to Roll Out 13 Electric Cars by 2020

Ford has been in the automobile industry for a very long time and is considered to one of the most promising automobile manufacturers. Today, it has announced the company will be tripling the number of its autonomous vehicles by 2020. It is clear Ford is keeping up pace with the younger and innovative start ups that is making finest electric cars. The company is planning to invest a lot more in to its electric cars manufacturing.



Ford is currently testing out its autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid with its virtual driver software in both urban and suburban environments. For precision mapping, the vehicle will use Velodyne’s  solid state hybrid ultra puck auto sensor. The company is testing them in Arizona, Michigan and California. Ford is using all its resources to develop its EV vehicles and its performance. The company is rethinking of how to approach the business for tomorrow.

Ford has partnered with DJI, drone maker to develop drone to vehicle technology to improve commercial business efficiency and emergency services. The communication between the car and drone will be through FordSync App Link.  Apart from these, Ford will also integrate Alexa, Amazon Echo, Wink, etc with Ford Sync. It will bring out a new feature of starting cars with voice commands.

The company thinks it’s time to contribute to making people’s lives better. It will come with better and clever tech solutions to help solve issues that torment people on a daily basis mainly traffic. It is expected at least 43 million Ford Sync users will be able to integrate with Android Auto technologies and Apple Play with smartphones.

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