Faraday Future Unveils The FFZero1 Concept EV.

When it comes to Electric Car architecture, then the Faraday Future Concept Car is one that carried the day with the Variable Platform Architecture VPA of the FFZERO1 concept car that it unveiled. The Super EV FFZero1 Concept was unveiled at the massive Consumer Electronics Show that took place in Las Vegas.  The FFZero1 EV Concept was able to reveal amazing features of the EV in the market, and there is a high anticipation that the company might provide stiff competition to the Tesla Motors who are currently the top Electric Car Manufacturing Company in the world.

Faraday Future Unveils The FFZero1 Concept EV.


The FFZero1 Concept car has got one motor per wheel thus resulting to a massive hp of 1000hp this makes it one of the powerful EV in the world. It has got a superb acceleration of 0 to 60 mph within 3 seconds. The EV could also attain a maximum speed of 200 miles per hour. This makes it have a record a high speed among the EVs. The EV will also be equipped with aero tunnels that is meant to reduce the lift effect and also cool the batteries. The EV will also be powered by Smartphone on its steering wheel that enables it to perform any task according to the driver’s preferences.
The EV has got a unique design that resembles a Batmobile shape. This makes it one of the luxurious cars to own. The Exact release of the EV is not yet announced to the public. Also, details pertaining the price of the EV is also not yet

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