Faraday Future Reveals its First Patent

It’s been a while the Chinese backed electric car manufacturer Faraday Future has been in the news for various reasons and now they have received their first patented auto part. This is first of auto part that has got patent with over 100 patent applications still processing. Although, the company revealed its concept car in January, the company seems to be working in shadows mysteriously.

Faraday Future

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The company hasn’t revealed much information about its working or production. It reveals small bits and pieces of information then and there. Due to uncertainty the Nevada State Treasurer was unsure if the Chinese billionaire, Jia Yueting would be able to fund the company. The treasurer asked the company to pay $75 million in form of a surety bond and the company delivered that to the effect on March 2.

The company revealed its first patented auto device called the Echelon Inverter. It’s a type of power inverter that has the ability to convert direct current to alternating current. This is an essential process in electric vehicles technology that lets the battery spin the vehicle’s motor.

The designers built it from scratch reducing the total number of components used in the making. It’s a simple designed inverter that could make a lot of difference to other components and parts in the vehicle. The company claims the design of the inverter allows an “unprecedented degree” of power density that is the amount of energy transformed per unit of volume.

Faraday Future claims its all electric car will have a top speed of 200 miles per hour with autonomous driving mode.

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