Facebook will Bring Internet for Refugees, Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zukerberg, Facebook CEO promised that he will work to bringing internet access to refugees in camps. He said at the United Nations Private Sector Forum, he will join hands with governmental bodies in brining internet access to the camps to people who otherwise wouldn’t get access to internet. He also said its not just true philanthropy because having more people connected online will be beneficial to Facebook itself. He said “We all benefit when we are more connected.”

Further details such as when and how it will be implemented was not revealed at the forum however its known that it has been working on the problem for a couple of years. During the week, United Nations Assembly had shown parts of internet enabling drone by Facebook. It’s one of the initiatives taken and worked on by Facebook currently with intentions to use a pilotless drone fly around the world to share Wi-Fi Signals to places that has very internet access. This is the company’s target for the near future to ensure everyone stays connected.

Facebook had recently branded its internet.org mobile site to “Free Basics.” The CEO said it’s necessary for everyone to have access to the internet especially in developing nations. This is an initiative taken by the company to bring internet access to each and every remote area.  Therefore, in a very short time we can see everyone in refugee camps connected to each other with internet. Let’s wait patiently hoping to hear the very next update of this at the earliest.

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