Facebook Updates iOS App to Get the Best out of Apple’s 3D Touch

Facebook has updated its iOS app by adding new 3D touch features. This feature will make the app more interesting for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus users worldwide.  3D touch actions on the app will let users to make advantage of the “peep and pop” actions on profiles, events, groups, profile pictures, pages, cover photos, photos, profile pictures, etc.  Users can press the “peek” option to see photos, profiles, pages, etc and if they like what they see, they can continue to watch the complete event pressing “pop”.


Source: macworld.com

In 2015, Facebook updated the app with the quick view option, which helps users to have a quick view at profiles, quickly take a photo/video, write a post, update existing photos or videos, etc.  It was a short cut button that was with the app’s home screen icon.

Though the new feature is not available to everyone at the moment since the company started rolling out with a small group will be available to everyone in the next couple of months.  Several developers worldwide are really taking complete advantage of the new 3D Touch feature.  Instagram is the first company that made use of the new feature in its app. It also brought the functionalities to Android as well.

Facebook is focusing in paying a lot of attention to expand its support for Apple’s new touchscreen technology. This wills also open doors to other developers across the world that would start updating their apps with the new 3D touch feature.  Last month, Facebook tested its Facebook live video on iOS and Android apps and this month it started implementing the new 3D touch technology too.

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