Facebook Update – Strict Real Name Policy

Facebook has announced a latest update on its real name policy to empower people from communities who face discrimination or are marginalized. The Vice President of Global Operation of Facebook, Justin Osofsky stated that the company is trying to reduce the number of users who are asked to verify real name on facebook while they already have accounts with their real names.

The strict real name policy is to reduce the number of fake accounts. It is an initiation to make people use the name their family and friends know them by. This initiation is taken after hearing feedback from different community, as it works for everyone mainly for those who are either marginalized or face discrimination. This is the main reason the company is taken this new initiation.

The first initiation of real name policy was taken in last October when several fake accounts on the site flagged and led to suspension of several LGBT member pages. From Wednesday, Facebook will roll out two new tools to address two new goals.

The first and foremost is to reduce the number of people who are asked to verify their name on the site while they are already using account with name their known among their family and friends. Second is to make it easier for people to confirm their real name.

The company is introducing a new version for people to report fake names and reports with additional information. It was easy earlier however it has detailed steps to go through to report fake name.

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