Facebook Unleashes A 360-Degree Camera Using The Virtual Reality Technology.

Facebook is one of the top social media platforms in the world. The Facebook corporation is one of the top and latest technological companies to invest in the Virtual Reality technology. This is seen in their contribution to the VR technology by the launch of the 360 degrees Camera that uses the virtual reality technology. The 360-degree camera will be unveiled during the Facebook’s F8 developer conference this is one of the top international events that is normally held annually.

Facebook Unleashes A 360 Degree Camera  Using The Virtual Reality Technology.


This is one of the technological inventions at the moment that will really blow up your minds. The 360-degree camera has got amazing specs and features. Some of these features include 17 cameras. Out of the 17 cameras, 14 are arranged in a circle way around the body. It has to 2 cameras that Are equipped with fisheye lenses on top and the bottom. This is one of the unique designs of a camera that enable it to be stitch together a complete footage in real time. This has really boosted the virtual reality technological levels to a top notch level.  Another advantage of this camera is that you do not need to install the unnecessarily complicated software for it to function properly.
The functionality and properties of this camera are what renders it among the top and powerful  cameras in the world.  The 360 degrees camera allows you to capture high-quality images and videos up to 8K quality of a video. The cost of building the 360-degree camera is around $ 30000 thus one can estimate the actual price of this camera as over the costing price.

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