Facebook Testing Ecommerce Direct Shopping

Here is an update from Facebook Inc., about its hands on e-commerce and direct shopping. It will be an initiative to compete with Amazon.com who is known to be the world leader of e-commerce. Facebook spokesman revealed they are working and testing on various direct shopping methods using apps to shop directly.

According to eMarketer, mobile purchases make up less than 2% of the total e-purchases worldwide especially due to various difficulties. However, Facebook is trying to change this with their new e-shopping plans where users would be able to buy easily from their mobile phones using apps.

Facebook’s Head of Product, Emma Rodgers said they were looking to find simple ways to aspire and make mobile shopping easier to help businesses to develop sales. The concept features ads that take users to specific brands products without having to redirecting to another site. For example, if a boutique ad is clicked, it would show an expanded page with several boutique products available for sale.

One of the main advantages                                                                                          of Facebook direct shopping is helping businesses to display products on their Facebook page. Each product will have a “buy now” button, clicking which the user can buy products from Facebook itself.

Facebook has over 1.5 billion users worldwide and the newly added section on its app that takes users to a shopping page where brands from group of small businesses are available for sale. The page size will expand gradually featuring products from different brands. This will make mobile purchases more easy and simple which will earn extra dollars for the company.




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