Facebook Launches a Satellite to Render Remote Internet Access in Africa in 2016

Facebook, on the way of extending its service to Africa, is now planning to launch a satellite that lets the users of the country enjoy quick and flawless internet access. Launching of the satellite named AMOS-6 would be a reality in 2016. Facebook launches Satellite to speed up the services and to acknowledge the user retention in high scale.

AMOS-6 covers many parts of Africa including East, West, and South. Mark Zuckerberg, Chief Executive of publishes in a post saying “Facebook launches a Satellite to serve Africa even better”. Internet.org paves a platform to many activities such as agricultural, health, education, and job alerts apart from its own social and messaging services.

Facebook is initiating the launch of a satellite in collaboration with France’s Eutelsat Communications to serve Internet access to sub-Saharan Africa. This is a finest move from Facebook Inc. as a tribute to 20 million+ users of Africa.

Faster Access Assured When Facebook Launches a Satellite

Above all, the chief aim of AMOS-6 would be connecting people in remote regions with efficient and innovative technological advancements. United Broadband Commission unveils that half of the world’s population is still offline. This is actually a step towards making the people of remote areas attentive of the world’s newest and popular technologies. Johannesburg hosted the first African office of Facebook in June.

Facebook Launches Satellite to activate the users who are browsing their profiles over the smart phone. The both the companies correlated in launching the satellite says that AMOS-6 is for the dedicated use of remote users of Kenya, Nigeria and Africa.

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