Facebook Emoji Similar to Likes for Better Reactions

A month ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made news after hinting they were working on Facebook emoji, trying to expand the like button. On October 8th Facebook started featuring a set of 6 emoji reactions in their site for all posts and newsfeeds. The emoji’s will appear alongside the regular like button, 6 various reactions are love, happiness, laughter, shock, sadness and anger. These will appear on both desktop and mobile version of Facebook.

The feature will first begin with two international markets, Spain and Ireland. The trial is to learn the reception the latest feature gets from Facebook users from an English speaking and non-English speaking country. Reasons why these two countries were selected for the testing is due to the large national based users rather than international friend network. This will help Facebook Inc. to know how a closed test group of English and non-English speaking countries react to Emoji’s.

Initial idea and rumors were about Facebook planning about an unlike button however it’s changed and here comes the new update. Emoji is not new to the world of online users as there are several sites that use emoji and emoticons to share expressions and reactions.

Emoji will appear when you touch the like button on your mobile however if you hover or click the like button emoji will appear on desktops.  Stickers are available in Facebook which is used by millions of users to express their emotions however Facebook emoji will make that process easier. Now without just seeing how many people liked your post or picture you can see how many really found it happy, sad or disappointed.

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