Eye Tech Technology Is the New VR Next Big Thing.

Most of the hardcore gamers have really embraced the virtual reality technology whenever it comes to gaming. The virtual reality technology has really changed the way people interact in the gaming world making the games be more fantastic to play than before. According to various sources, research is being carried out on the eye-tracking VR headsets that have got a mounted laser beams so that to make your eyeballs become a mouse. This technology is called the Eye Tech technology. This will be able to work on the various types of the VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Eye Tech With Is the New VR Next Big Thing.


Most of the features that these Eye Tech devices in the next generation might have include the SMI, Eyematic, Fove, Percept, and Eyefluence. The eye tracking technology was recently demonstrated in the USA. The feature that was demonstrate was the Eyefluence feature. This enables you to cast your eyes on the given icon so as to select it. The movement of your eyes by even making a glance is the only possible way activate the given icon.
Despite the fact that the Eye Tech technology is one of the exciting technologies that is yet to be revealed, there is still a high mile to reach it. Research is being conducted on the various VR laboratories and this will take quite a good time for it to be realized. The delay of the launching of this product is because there is still a lot of challenges that involves the setting up of this technology. The challenges range from both technological and financial challenges.

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