Virtual Companions of a Digital Marketer

Every digital marketer has plenty of tools in his arsenal. There are literally thousands of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools out there; some are free while others are paid for. Most of those tools are similar and offer similar services. In order to be successful in this line of business, you have to know which ones to choose and which are unnecessary.

Therefore, what follows is a list of some of the essential software for developing and establishing a successful digital marketing strategy.



Basically, this is your cradle and the place where everything starts. Setting up your website will require multiple changes over time since you will have to update it multiple times in order to get a website which is search friendly. After talking to Online Marketing Gurus, I became aware of the importance of having your website  both desktop and mobile friendly. It has to appear on both searches. Furthermore, the website’s content has to be interactive and informative in order for the users to linger on and perhaps use your services. Your website is your workhorse and it is very important to set it up properly.



or those crafty with words or a history in publishing, a blog can be a single yet most powerful digital marketing tool. Blogging is not for everyone, however, if you kick-start it properly and make it work, it will pay off and get you double and triple digits. Blogging is a very social thing, and a good blogger will attract much more than just needed an influential following.

As long as you design creative content, by sharing it and publishing it regularly, your interaction with the community will be easier and the number of followers will skyrocket. A blog is also great for those small publishers and authors, for it can be as much as 50% of their entire social advertising.

Social Media

social media

Even though Facebook, LinkedIn, Tweeter and other platforms are not exactly tools, every digital marketer knows that these social media attract the biggest attention and it is the place where all the products are being sold and businesses being advertised. Facebook has shown great promise in consumer markets while at the same time providing the most extensive set of features for marketers.

Twitter is an awesome communication tool since tweets tend to fly higher than any other message. It attracts knowledgeable and influential users, and knowing how to reach them can be a game changer. LinkedIn is a social media for business and professions.

The thing that makes it the most powerful is groups, which are active and cover all sorts of businesses. It offers professional value, so joining and knowing how to advertise on it properly can be very significant for your business or products.

Keyword Tools


Whether it is for Google, YouTube, or any other platform, keyword tools are the basic software in this industry. These tools provide search demand data which can be filtered by region and devices (desktop and mobile). The power lies in the ability to use the exact phrase and keyword which will be searched by hundreds of users afterwards.

Keyword tools allow you the insight into deep analysis and provide you with all important information for better understand of long tail and short search habits.

Digital Marketing is Here to Stay

Tools are very important for implementing your marketing strategies; however one should also try and implement services from other agencies too. Keep in mind that a properly done SEO can increase the traffic and clicks on your keywords for up to 500%. Digital marketing is still on the rise as we are witnessing the expanse of this new virtual industry. 


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