Elon Musk and Silicon Valley Executives Suggest Ignore Volkswagen Diesels To Make Company Sell EV’s

Elon Musk and other Silicon Valley executive’s writes to the Chair of the Influential California Air Resources Board, Mary Nichols urging Volkswagen to make electric cars instead of repairing all the diesel scam effected vehicles. It is nearly impossible for the company to fix all the 482,000 vehicles sold which the company admitted of using “defeat device” to cheat the emission laws.  It would be better to buy back and scrap all the articles instead of fixing all these vehicles as it will cost billions of dollars to repair them. Silicon Valley executives including Tesla’s Elon Musk is suggesting them to use the funds to make zero-emission vehicles.

Apart from Tesla’s Elon Musk, the signatories included Michael Brune from Sierra Club and Lawrence Bender producer of climate change movie “An inconvenient Truth”.  Though the company might suggest

To fix some cars, most of the cars will not be fixed. Car owners wouldn’t want to compromise on performance therefore it is nearly impossible to fix all the affected cars.  The proposal mainly suggests that in California, Volkswagen be release from all the obligations to fix cars that are on roads instead to follow the existing zero-emission credit program to help Volkswagen to roll out cars with no emissions at all.

This would need Volkswagen to sell tens of thousands of e-Golf battery electric cars or other electric cars from the company in the next 4 years. Tom Moloughney, Electric car advocate stated the company will have to pay a portion of the fines which can be used to create DC fast charging network allowing people to easily recharge their plug-in cars to travel longer distances.


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