Disney Invest On Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality is one of the latest technologies that one cannot do away with this century. Various companies such as the Samsung, HTC and HP have made a significant contribution into the VR technology. The Walt Disney Studious was also not left out. They have also launched a major investment and contribution to the VR technology. This has seen consistent improvement in the technological levels of the VR technology. Their contribution to the VR technology is seen when they have decided to create special VR content in the upcoming movies and films. The Nokia Company has decided to give the Disney Studios with the OZO camera so as that they can be able to create the 360 degree camera.

Disney Invest On Virtual Reality.


The Jungle Book (2016), one of the latest movies from the Walt Disney studios was created using the OZO 360 degree camera. This is a clear evidence of the contribution of the Walt Disney Corporation to VR technology. The OZO 360 degree camera is a virtual reality gadget that has got amazing specs. These are a 500 GB SSD camera that allows it to record for over 45 minutes. it also has got the USB 3.0 port. The port enables for easy transfer of data. It also has got a 30 FPS recording rate.
The Walt Disney studios had agreed on the price tag of $60000 so as to set up this camera in their studios. Disney is well-known for producing fantastic movies and animation and also this will truly improve the image quality of their films.

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