Digital Marketing Strategies that Bring Results in 2017

Hitting the mark in digital marketing involves aiming at a moving target. New algorithms rock the internet every now and then, fresh platforms are launched, and groundbreaking trends emerge out of the blue. Marketers often struggle to keep up the pace, but throwing in the towel is not an option, if you mean to stay relevant and competitive. It is time to step up the game and take advantage of the rising tides that will sink some and elevate other boats.


Artificial intelligence

Applied artificial intelligence is poised to be the next big thing in the marketing realm. It seeks to mimic human intelligence and features advanced abilities, such as voice and image recognition. Thus, it can be applied to all stages of the customer journey. For instance, chatbots are popping up on websites across the digital universe and they are becoming more sophisticated. For now, they are limited in terms of believability, but they will soon turn into something much more than annoying little windows.

A data-driven approach

Big data is the undisputed king of digital marketing. It refers to market and customer insights, as well as predictive analytics. The purpose of these concepts is to empower marketers with deep insights and actionable information. That way, they are in a position to personalize and fine-tune their tools, campaigns, and strategies. Big data is also tied to machine learning, the process of uncovering conversion prospects and customer behavior.

Marketing automation

Business automation has made a big splash and the ripples reverberate in the marketing landscape as well. Marketers are embracing innovative strategies such as behavioral email marketing, in order to expand their reach and optimize daily operations. Namely, automation saves an incredible amount of time and money, especially for those who strike a partnership with a reputable marketing automation agency.  

Strategic content marketing

This type of marketing is not a novel concept, but it is becoming more and more important. Research has established that 40% of brands employ a strategic approach to content marketing and many of them measure ROI, develop interactive apps, and use personalization tools as well. The costs and competition are on an upward trajectory and thus cutting thought the noise is getting increasingly difficult.

Social media

Social media marketing is another trend that has been around for some time. This year, though, we are witnessing a few exciting developments. Extended reach and an unparalleled ability to engage audiences has reached new heights with social CRM and social customer care. Also, it is peculiar that behemoths like Twitter and Facebook are in decline in some countries, while platforms such as Snapchat grow.

Mobile optimization

The surge in the smartphone market has fostered dynamic cross-channel optimization. Mobile advertising is on the roll and web development adapts to the winds of change as well. Namely, it is crucial to render web pages and marketing tools easily accessible across different screen sizes. Likewise, app development is the roaring bandwagon many will try to jump on.


Functional design

The power of the visual has never been more apparent. Viral videos and striking images are perhaps the best proof of this trend. Apart from that, in 2017, sleek functionality reigns supreme and blows less functional designs that prioritize aesthetics out of the water. Studies show that a simple, flat design that enables smooth navigation is the most likely to steal the show and delight customers.

Sharpening the edge

The only constant thing in the world of marketing is change. Marketers operate in a knowledge economy and a tumultuous digital environment. If you really mean business, you have to harness the power of data, stay on top of emerging trends, and keep an eye on industry leaders and early adopters. Get ahead of the competition in 2017 and walk the cutting edge of the industry, the future frontier where history is made.

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