Chinese Billionaire Planning $1B Electric Car Factory in Las Vegas for Faraday Future

Chinese Billionaire Jia Yueting, Founder of the most popular Leshi Internet Information & Technology Beijing is planning to invest a whopping $1B for an electric car factory in Las Vegas for Faraday Future. He is indeed backing the mysterious car company, Faraday Future which came out of nowhere at a blink of an eye. The company will create 4,500 jobs near Las Vegas.

Jia stated that he is not the only founder of the Faraday Future; it’s a partnership with the global expert’s partnership structure which will handle the management and decision making of Faraday Future. FF is the latest EV Company that is planning to set up a factory in Nevada offering jobs. He is one of the investor personally backing the Faraday Future, which is on a mission to protect earth and improve the earth’s living environment for all living beings. It’s the company’s mission to produce EV cars and help everyone breathe clean and healthy air reducing vehicles causing harmful emissions.

The company’s headquarters is in Silicon Valley and R&D facility is based in Los Angeles. Apart from that, the company also has their offices at Beijing, China and Dusseldorf, Germany. Faraday Future is started with the partnership of an international team with people from more than 40 countries.

This makes one tougher competitor for America’s own Tesla Motors. However, the foresight of all these car manufacturers are same, as they all in a mission to clear the earth’s atmosphere bringing clean and effective air for humankind.

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