Chevrolet Bolt – First Mainstream Electric Car with 200 Mile Range

Chevrolet Bolt was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas recently. The car comes with unbelievable features at a meager cost of $30,000 while most electric cars costs double and triple the rate. Chevrolet Bolt release is expected later in this year. It is the first electric car that has come up with a record 200 mile rage at a cost of $30,000 U.S. dollars. Though electric car fans have been expecting to see vehicles with high mile range, the Chevy Bolt proved to be the best EV with high mile range at affordable costs.

Chevrolet Bolt


In 2010, mainstream media was behind Nissan Leaf which created a lot of news then but now its Chevrolet Bolt that has come up with one of the best EV ever made.  The new Bolt comes in a list of electric vehicles that look similar to normal cars you see on road. It is smooth, spacious and silent.

Although you can get electric cars at the price of the new Chevrolet Bolt but with 80-90 mile range cars, Bolt is available to the mainstream buyers. The price of $30,000 comes after the Federal Tax Incentives. With the new Bolt being available to buyers in this year, other EV manufacturers will have to come up with some out of the box idea to attract mainstream buyers.

The new Chevrolet Bolt can be recharged up to 80% of its battery in a quick 30 minute time period. The 200 mile range has got the attention of all the mainstream buyers and has their eyes on the vehicle. With all the news from Tesla and Faraday Future in recent weeks, GM comes cracking code to take these electric cars mainstream.

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